Guide to measure Electrical conductivity and pH of Cocopeat

How to measure EC and pH of cocopeat

When you growing plants using Hydroponics, very often we deal with cocopeat substrate with varying quality. It is very important for us to know how to determine the quality of cocopeat we are working with.

In this video, I am going to explain the process of measuring Electrical conductivty and Ph of cocopeat sample. I use 1:2 dilution method for the measurement.


1. Take 200ml of Reverse osmosis or distilled water. Measure its EC. Note it as ECw
2. Take a 100ml sample of cocopeat and mix it with the 200ml water.
3. Mix the slurry well and allow it to settle for 15 mins
4. Now filter the mixture with a filtering cloth or a mesh.
5. Measure the EC of the filtered liquid and note it as ECs
6. EC of cocopeat is ECs-ECw
7. Measure the pH value of the filtered liquid. That is the pH of the cocopeat.
8. Analyse both the readings and evaluate!

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